Do an Ethics Check to Navigate the Gray Zone
Great leaders set standards around character as well as results

Top Ten Posts of 2016Conant Leadership Champion Award, being near the top of almost every list of top leadership bloggers, and celebrating my 5th anniversary. (I’m not a newbie anymore!)

Mostly I am in awe of the number of insightful and thought-provoking comments on my posts. I put a lot of effort into writing posts, but your comments are what bring them alive. They offer an opportunity to explore the topic more deeply and stimulate new thinking, for myself and others.

So thank you, dear readers. You make it worthwhile!

Now for the drum rolls! Here are my top 10 posts of 2016, based on page views, starting with the most popular.

Self-disclosure does not mean baring it all 1. Self-disclosure, Leadership and Trust
Self-disclosure is an important leadership trait that relates directly to trust. Here’s how to self-disclose without having to bare it all.


Leadership beliefs2. 5 Questions to Surface Your Leadership Beliefs
What you don’t see CAN hurt you… and your team. Your unexamined beliefs can pull you in the wrong direction.


Useful Feedback3.  Criticism, Boundaries and Useful Feedback
Criticism and setting boundaries meet YOUR needs. Feedback meets the needs of the receiver – it helps them be more effective. Here are 9 tips for giving useful feedback.


over-manage4.  Why you over-manage, under-manage, and sometimes do both
When you delegate, the buck still stops with you. You’re accountable for screw-ups. No wonder you over-manage, sometimes. But it’s not possible to watch everyone closely all the time.


Why change efforts fail5.  Why Most Change Efforts Fail and 7 Guidelines to Ensure Your Team Succeeds
Thinking of initiating change on your team? Most change efforts fail, not because it was the wrong idea, but because of failure to plan for the human factor.


6.  10 Awful Truths Every Leader Must Face
10 counter-intuitive truths that leaders need to know in order to successfully meet today’s challenges.


7.  Develop Your Team – The Truth About the Bell Curve
It’s a big mistake to assume talent is distributed on a bell curve. If you don’t believe it’s important to develop your team, you will lose some of your best people before you even notice them.


Politics in America Today Larry Ackerman8.  How I Learned About the Power of Authenticity
This is a personal anecdote about a boy named Benny and what happens when you have to admit you don’t know what you’re doing. I discovered that authenticity is the key to turning things around.


Definition of leadership9.  A definition of leadership for these pressing times
Without a common definition of leadership, we are in danger of talking at cross-purposes during the pressing conversations we need to have today. I share my thoughts, but even better, check out the 82 comments by readers who share theirs.


How to talk about politics at work10.  How to Talk about Politics at Work
One thing we learned from the recent US election was not to assume people hold the same views as you. Here are six tips for how to talk about politics at work… and other places where people might not agree with you.


Do an Ethics Check to Navigate the Gray Zone
Great leaders set standards around character as well as results

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