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Don’t let team drift run your team aground

You might be suffering from team drift and not know it. We’ve all heard stories of individuals who wake up one morning and wonder how they had drifted so far from their original hopes and dreams. The same thing can happen to teams. One of the most common complaints I...

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How to Involve Your Team in Creating Vision and Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is thinking they are supposed to have all the answers, especially when it comes to vision. There is a natural desire to look like you are smart and know what you’re doing. But sometimes the smartest thing you can do is to...

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Wax on… and on… and on… or Wax Off the Seesaw

When the moon grows, it waxes. When it declines, it wanes. Waxing is a good thing. We use it in expressions like, “He waxed eloquently“ or “She waxed lyrical." But what about someone who “waxes on and on" - not so good. Waxing is a good thing IF it doesn't go on too...

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The Space Between Coaching and Delegating

Your ability to develop a high performance team lies in your ability to recognize the space between coaching and delegating. When managers coach, everyone benefits - you, your team and your company. It’s especially helpful when people are taking on new...

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