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The 5 Levels of Trust

All relationships depend on a foundation of trust. There is a direct relationship between employee trust and performance. Customer trust is a key factor in decisions on purchases. And in our personal lives, friendships are built on trust and one of the biggest causes...

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From CEO to Novelist: A Case Study of Radical Career Change

I just started reading John Bell’s new novel The Circumstantial Enemy and don't want to put it down. Fortunately I’m traveling tomorrow and will have time to finish it on the plane. Can’t wait! I know John Bell as a leadership expert. By the age of 47, John had turned...

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Set Goals for What Matters

Goals are powerful, especially if you choose only a few. A laundry list is almost impossible to stay focused on. But if you choose two or three realistic, specific goals, and write them down, you are likely to achieve them. But first, make sure you set goals for what...

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