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Can you listen to another view?

Tired of so much adversity and polarization? Who are you listening to? Instead of talking with people who agree with you, have conversations with those who don't. Start with listening. Is there something you agree with? Use that as your reference point when you do...

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If your vision is about only yourself

Thursday Thoughts: If your vision is about only yourself, you are too narrowly focused. Jesse Lyn Stoner *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       * In addition to my regular leadership blog, I...

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The best coaches coach themselves out of a job

Thursday Thoughts: The best coaches coach themselves out of a job. The goal is not to keep people dependent but to give them wings. The greatest gratification comes when the student outgrows the teacher. Jesse Lyn Stoner   *       *       *       *       *      ...

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Help is Not Always Helpful

If you interrupt the struggle of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, it will be crippled for life. How do you know when to offer help and when to let someone to struggle (and possibly fail) in order to grow and learn? Thursday Thoughts:  Help is not always helpful....

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3 Guidelines to Avoid Resistance to Change

People don’t resist change. Change is a normal and natural part of living. The only time you stop changing is when you’re dead. What people resist is having change imposed on them. Here are three guidelines to invite people to participate in the change process, and to...

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The Best Way to Listen

The most powerful gift you can give another is your undivided attention. When the best techniques don't work, simply close your mouth and pay attention. The best way to listen is with your mouth shut. This poem, written almost 50 years ago, is as relevant today as it...

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