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What Images Are You Shaping Our Future With?

On a daily basis we are bombarded with images of destruction in movies, on television and even in electronic games that children play. In contrast, there are so few images of what peace looks like.

When I ask people to describe what world peace looks like, they use vague terms. However, they are able to give quite vivid descriptions of what a post-World War III would look like.

We must actively seek out positive images or our sense of reality will be unbalanced.

Nelson Mandela understood the power of creating a unifying positive image. Arrested in 1962 for his role in…

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When Leaders Don’t Lead

“The senior leaders have no vision,” he said glumly, as an explanation for his company's problems. I had heard this many times during my interviews of key employees at the company.  It was the end of my last interview.  I set my pen down and asked the question I had...

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Don’t BE Great, DO Great!

It is said that Abraham Lincoln often slipped out of the White House on Wednesday evening to listen to the sermons of Dr. Phineas Gurley at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. He generally preferred to come and go unnoticed. So when Dr. Gurley knew the president was...

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The Answer to “What?” is “Why?”

I didn’t take the idea of starting a blog lightly. Having considered it for months, I was still undecided, especially after coming across a statistic that “up to 80% of blogs are abandoned within the first month.” It appears that the reality might not be as attractive...

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