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Not Feeling the Thanks in Thanksgiving?

Now that the holiday season has begun, you'll be hearing a lot about joy and gratitude. But what if you’re feeling more like Scrooge than Tiny Tim? It's hard to be constantly told you should be feeling joyful when you're really not feeling the thanks in Thanksgiving....

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Stages of Team Development and Leadership

  Teams move through predictable stages of team development, but how quickly and easily they progress depends on how well the needs of the team are being met during each stage. Teams don't always move smoothly, and sometimes they can get stuck. Understanding the...

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Curiosity Opens Doors

Thursday Thoughts Curiosity is the key to learning. You're never too old to learn and grow, and to develop more satisfaction and meaning in your work and your life. Catch yourself when blame and reactivity arise, and instead of quickly dismissing what you don't like,...

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