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What I Learned about Vision Casting

Guest Post by Dan Rockwell @LeadershipFreak (Jedi Master of leadership lessons in less than 300 words) I thought vision casting was about me. Jesse Lyn Stoner taught me that vision is about us. I used to craft the vision and spring it on my team. I’d declare, “Here’s...

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Tune In and Turn Off

Technology gives us the opportunity to be “always on” and the illusion of increased productivity. The reality is that it’s not healthy, and over the long run you will be less productive. Even understanding this, it can be hard to resist the pressure to quickly check...

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How to REALLY Listen

My friend Jake said, “When someone tells me about a problem, I used to try to help them solve it. But I’ve learned that simply listening can be more helpful than the best advice I might give.” Jake is not alone. Many of us equate listening with problem-solving, and we...

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