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4 Steps Toward Collaborative Leadership

If you are tired of “us vs. them” attitudes… if you are feeling frustrated or hopeless about those who don’t agree with your views… if you are concerned about the polarization in this world today… if you are waiting for leadership that unites instead of divides… … the...

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The Two Faces of Leadership

There are two faces of leadership. One face looks forward - because leadership is about going somewhere. That face of leadership focuses on questions like: 1. Where are we going? 2. Why? What is the purpose? 3. How will we get there? What are our key strategies? 4....

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Let Go of Control But Keep Responsibility

  Last week I had the honor and pleasure of co-chairing the Berrett-Koehler Authors Cooperative annual retreat, attended by over 70 people – ranging in age from 25 to 83, and enriched with authors from Slovenia, Singapore and Australia. Each year I look forward...

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Could You Be Off Course Without Knowing It?

You’re clear about where you want to go. You made your plans. You’ve started on your journey. Maybe you landed your dream job, or found your soulmate, or have a vision for how you can make a difference in the world. So now, you simply need to focus on execution - on...

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The New Rules of the Social Age

Guest Post by Ted Coiné, Co-author A World Gone Social What used to seem very good leadership practices in the Industrial Age was good, or at least efficient. But the Industrial Age is over. And it’s not coming back. It’s the Social Age now, and it will be for quite...

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