The Empty Carriage: A Leadership Lesson
Be the Boss You'd Like to Have

Here’s a question I have been mulling over for awhile. I don’t have the answer and am hoping your responses will help provide some clarity.

In the 1980’s and 90’s there was great interest in the topic of vision. Countless books, articles, and studies addressed the topic.

However, in this current decade, I’ve noticed a ho-hum attitude about it and I’m curious why. I’ve heard some people say vision is an over-used term and others say the concept is out-dated. I’ve noticed a general lack of interest on the part of leaders at all levels. They might give it lip-service, but the basic message is. “OK, now let’s get back to business.”

HOWEVER studies of high performing organizations show over and over again that shared vision is one of the key differentiators.

And, when I ask people to recall the best organization or team they have ever been associated with, they readily acknowledge the importance of a shared vision.

As more and more organizations are flattening their hierarchy and pushing authority and decision making down through the organization, it seems to me that shared vision is essential. Managers are more willing to let go of control and let others assume more responsibility when they are assured that others’ decisions are based on shared direction and values: a shared vision.

So my post today is a real question:

Why leaders are not interested in vision today?

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The Empty Carriage: A Leadership Lesson
Be the Boss You'd Like to Have

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