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Following the Lead of the Launch

This post is Part II. Part I: The Real Success Was Something I Hadn't Expected reflects the events and learnings from the first week of the launch of my book Full Steam Ahead! xxxxxx It's Saturday morning after a very busy book launch week. Finally I have time to...

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Who Can Be Your Mentor? Test Your Assumptions.

Last week I launched the 2nd edition of my book Full Steam Ahead! using Twitter as the primary platform. It seemed obvious that my next blog should be on what I had learned and experienced. However, I am still processing the experience and couldn't condense my...

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Creating an Online Community

Creating an Online Community What happens when you care deeply about something and have knowledge that can help others? Many people write a book on the topic, hoping to extend their reach. What happens when you want to go beyond the reach of your book? You can start...

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