6 Guidelines to Create a Personal Vision For the Life You Really Want
No More P Words, Please

Now that I’ve been blogging for a couple of months, I decided to try an experiment: to list some of my favorite statements from my articles and books, and instead of discussing them, let them speak for themselves.

You might think they don’t make any sense out of context or that without elaboration they’re too simple… or you might appreciate them because they remind you of what you already know or stimulate your thinking.


Successful leaders understand that true power comes not from exercising control, but from empowering others.

A vision is a clearly-articulated, results-oriented picture of a future you intend to create. It is a dream with direction.

A real vision is lived, not framed.

Curiosity opens doors. Blame closes them.

People who focus only on a vision live with their heads in the clouds. People who focus only on current reality live with their feet stuck in the mud.

Leadership is about going somewhere. If you don’t know where you’re going, your leadership efforts don’t really matter.

Vision is knowing who you are, where you’re going and what will guide your journey.

If not in service of a shared vision, leadership can become self-serving.

Focus on what you want to create, not what you want to leave behind.

Vision is about being great, not about beating the competition.

On this planet, we are part of one community. If your vision is only about yourself, you are too narrowly focused.

Vision can start anywhere in an organization. It’s not an excuse to say, “My company does not have a vision, so my team can’t have one.”

To achieve your vision, you must be willing to tolerate discomfort and delay gratification in the short term.

The images we hold in our minds have a tremendous impact on the realities we create.

Visioning is a lifelong journey, not a one-time activity.

6 Guidelines to Create a Personal Vision For the Life You Really Want
No More P Words, Please

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