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How to REALLY Listen

My friend Jake said, “When someone tells me about a problem, I used to try to help them solve it. But I’ve learned that simply listening can be more helpful than the best advice I might give.” Jake is not alone. Many of us equate listening with problem-solving, and we...

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The 40 Best Leadership Quotes

There's a good reason leadership quotes are popular. A few lines can pack a lot of information that teach and inspire. In A Tweet, a Blog Post, and a Profound Teaching I shared quotes from my own writing. These are the top leadership quotes by others. (If I missed one...

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Emergent Leadership Topples the Pyramid

What's your view of leadership? If you're like most people, you have an underlying belief that leaders should be out in front of the line, leading the way. The Hierarchical View of Leadership In the traditional, hierarchical view, senior leaders are at the top of the...

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Neuroscience, Mindware and Influential Leadership

Guest Post by Rebel Brown Whether you're a small business owner or an executive of a large corporation, you are leading humans and their minds. The two are inseparable. Did you know that the words man and mind come from the same Sanskrit root? The sum of our...

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