The Five Steps of CRISP Decision-Making
Want a Strong Team? You Have 2 Choices: HIRE Winners or DEVELOP Winners

This summer I was fortunate to attend the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Berrett-Koehler Publishers, the publisher of the book I co-authored with Ken Blanchard Full Steam Ahead! Unleash the Power of Vision. The mission of Berrett-Koehler is “to create a world that works for all.”

Some of the most respected thought-leaders in the field of leadership and social change shared their vision for the future – Ken Blanchard, Margaret Wheatley, Peter Block, BJ Gallagher, Richard Leider, John Perkins, and Brian Tracy to name a few. Some of the speakers were inspiring, others thought-provoking and some were challenging.

Yet each of them demanded that we step outside our comfort zone and look at a bigger picture – to take responsibility for making a contribution to creating a world that works for all.

It is so easy during these times of economic unrest, political uncertainty, and environmental concerns to become overwhelmed, slipping into a “fear state” mentality and focus on self-preservation.  This is a natural human reaction activated by our primitive neurological wiring. But we have the capacity to over-ride our instincts, a reactivity that no longer serves us, humanity or our planet. Because we have this capacity, we each have the capability to define for ourselves how we can make a real contribution.

I invite you to watch three of the speakers. Each clip is no more than 3 minutes. These are not prepared speeches – they were speaking spontaneously, frankly, and sincerely.

After watching them, I challenge you to consider where you want to put your own attention – on clarifying your vision or on survival strategies.

Today, I am not providing answers or any specific suggestions. This is not a “how to” post. I encourage you to find your own answers. For this is a subject we must each come to terms with in our own way.


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The Five Steps of CRISP Decision-Making
Want a Strong Team? You Have 2 Choices: HIRE Winners or DEVELOP Winners

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