The Value of Vision Series - Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson is a leading thinker on driving innovation via personal disruption and a co-founder of Clayton Christensen’s investment firm Rose Park Advisors. A TEDx speaker, author of Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream, and regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Whitney is available for both speaking and consulting. You can follow her on Linkedin here. Where There’s a Why, There’s a Way

At least once a week, I hear my son, a sophomore in high school, say, “What is the point of school? I am never going to use [insert subject] again.” He may or may not, depending on his chosen profession. My counter argument tends to be, “You may not use all of it. Some of . . . → Read More: The Value of Vision Series – Whitney Johnson

3 Activities to (re)Discover Your Vision

In my last post, Dig Below Your Dreams to Discover Your Vision, I discussed why it is important to re-connect with your dreams. If you’re not clear about what you really want, you are likely to set goals that will not be truly satisfying once accomplished.

We need to dig below the surface because as we grow older our dreams often go underground.

These activities can help you re-resurface some nuggets to create a vision for what you truly desire.

For each of these activities, consider one of these questions, but don’t try to answer with your rational mind. Getting in touch with what’s below the surface requires relaxation of your normal thinking, judging mind. Suspend your internal critic and allow your thoughts to arise, . . . → Read More: 3 Activities to (re)Discover Your Vision