2015 in Review - My Top 10 Blog Posts

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog Awards

My year-end review has become one of my favorite posts to write. I get to take my own advice – to reflect on the big picture, look for patterns, and see what I can learn.

Here’s what I found:

➤ A record number of page views – over a half-million during 2015!

➤ A record number of awards and recognition this year!

➤ My blog is especially popular in: The USA, The UK, Canada, India, Australia, South Africa, and Germany.

➤ 53% of my readers are below the age of 35.

➤ 54% are male; 46% are female.

To identify my top posts, I used the number of page views according to Google Analytics. In the past, I created a formula using a combination . . . → Read More: 2015 in Review – My Top 10 Blog Posts


2014 in Review - My Top 10 Blog Posts

Top 10 Posts 2014

I have come to look forward to my annual end of the year blog review. It’s an opportunity to take my own advice and reflect on the big picture before I jump into the new year. It always provides some insights and some surprises.

This was a banner year for my blog, averaging close to 50,000 views a month. I was included on many of the top leadership blogger lists, and in December I was included in Inc. Magazine’s 100 Top Leadership Speakers.

I’m delighted my blog is so widely viewed because I put a lot of effort into crafting my posts. I aim to provide original content that is relevant, practical, challenging, and include actionable advice. My goal for 2015 is to shorten my . . . → Read More: 2014 in Review – My Top 10 Blog Posts


My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

Jesse's top 10 blog posts of 2013

It feels like a déjà vu. As 2013 draws to a close, here I am again sitting by a warm fire on a wintery Sunday night in New England, just as I did exactly a year ago, reflecting on the year and taking the opportunity to identify my top posts.

Again, I have turned this into a bit of a project. This time I created a formula that included the number of views from google analytics , the total number of social media shares and the number of reader comments. Some of my personal favorites are not on the list, but I think it pretty accurately reflects what my readers liked best.

I did not include my Value of Vision Series in my analysis because . . . → Read More: My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013


Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of My Blog

Celebrating 2 years blogging

Two years ago, as I sat down to write my first blog post, I found myself at a loss for where to start. As a focusing activity, I decided to write the purpose of my blog. It was quite helpful, and I ended up making that the topic of my first post: The Answer to What is Why.

I hit the publish button that evening, sent out a tweet – “What happens when you put a message in a bottle? I’ll find out in the morning. I just published my first blog post” – and then I went to bed. When I awoke the next morning, I was surprised to find 6 comments waiting for me, and more came in later that day. In . . . → Read More: Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of My Blog


2012 in Review - My Top 10 Blog Posts

Jesse blogging

As 2012 draws to a close, I have taken the opportunity to sit by the warm fire on this snowing New England Sunday and identify my top ten posts of the year.

I decided the top posts would be selected by my readers – by whether they felt a post was important enough to share with others and whether they were moved to comment on it. Also, I only considered posts that were first published on my own blog.

Having some extra time on this cozy day, I decided to turn this into a scientific project. I created a formula where I totaled the number of shares on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I then assigned a weight to the number of comments and factored that . . . → Read More: 2012 in Review – My Top 10 Blog Posts


Feeling Pain and Taking Action

In memory

With a heavy heart and prayers for the grieving Sandy Hook families and the Newtown community, I have taken a break from blogging and regular online conversation these last few days.

Throughout Connecticut we are in shock and devastated. This is a small state and not as densely populated as many people imagine. Newtown is a lovely rural community. It is unimaginable that these horrific events could happen anywhere, and in a small peaceful town, it is unfathomable.

I feel helpless as I imagine the frightened teachers heroically doing everything they could to protect the children. As a parent, I want to hold my own children close.

How can we possibly make sense of the senseless?

When we move quickly to anger and blame, we . . . → Read More: Feeling Pain and Taking Action