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Leadership That Matters

Leadership is not necessarily about getting people to follow you. In fact, the test of leadership effectiveness is what happens when you’re not there. If everything depends on you and falls apart when you’re not there, obviously the effectiveness of your team is...

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Criticism, Boundaries and Useful Feedback

Larry was clearly angry. Carl had used his tools (again) without asking, and even worse, hadn’t returned them (again). Larry told me he had given Carl some "tough feedback." He told Carl that he was self-centered and insensitive, and in the future he needed to ask for...

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How to Bridge the Generation Gap in the Workplace

Guest post by Dan Negroni The generation gap in the workplace appears daunting. All sorts of reports describe how huge it is. But bridging the generation gap is not as difficult as it might seem. Real leaders already know how to effectively manage millennials. How?...

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A definition of leadership for these pressing times

It’s pretty common these days to hear complaints about lack of leadership, poor leadership, and disappointment with those who are in leadership roles. In a recent World Economic Forum survey, 86% of the respondents reported they believe there is a leadership crisis in...

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