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Do an Ethics Check to Navigate the Gray Zone

It’s easy to know what’s ethical when your choices are clear-cut. If you hit a parked car, should you leave your contact information for the owner? Should you use insider information to make a stock market trade? Should you lie on your expense report? But there’s a...

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How to Talk about Politics at Work

The recent US elections might have been the most contentious ever. And strong feelings continue to abound. Even though the elections are over, many people are deeply worried about what will happen next. Each side was very concerned about what would happen if their...

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Wise Quotes from Great US Political Leaders

What guidance can we turn to now that the US elections are over? Can a deeply divided nation find common ground to move forward as united states? In his Huffington Post article, Alan Briskin suggests the possibility that we have “reached a nadir, a low point in our...

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But, what about the bird?

  Guest Post by Larry Ackerman I am honored to host this guest post by my friend and colleague Larry Ackerman. His provocative message on politics in America today is timely and worthy of reflection. Ever wonder how birds get around, how they are able to fly?...

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Leadership That Matters

Leadership is not necessarily about getting people to follow you. In fact, the test of leadership effectiveness is what happens when you’re not there. If everything depends on you and falls apart when you’re not there, obviously the effectiveness of your team is...

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