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A Time for Giving Leadership

Guest Post by Bob Burg and John David Mann We’re in the silly season, the time of U.S. presidential primaries, and one effect of the media assault is that it makes us examine this thing, this force in our lives, called “leadership.” It’s easy to think of leadership as... read more

Leadership Love is a Competitive Advantage

Guest Post by Matt Tenney, author of  The Mindfulness Edge: How to Rewire Your Brain for Leadership and Personal Excellence Without Adding to Your Schedule   Some people think the word love should not be used in a business context. But love is one of the most... read more

Stop Holding Meetings That Don’t Matter

Most managers spend about 35% to 50% of their time in meetings. And most team members report it is a waste of time. This is because they are meetings that don’t matter to anyone other than the team leader. Although it is not clearly stated, the purpose of most... read more

Lincoln’s Secret to Greatness

Is greatness an attribute reserved for only a few special people? Abraham Lincoln didn’t think so. He believed we are each capable of greatness. Most of the good of the world builds on the accumulated efforts of everyday people doing small things in a great way.... read more

How I Learned About the Power of Authenticity

What happens when you have to admit you don’t know what you’re doing? Sometimes the power of authenticity is the key to turning things around. So I learned in my first job out of college. I had landed a prestigious job as a demonstration teacher at New... read more
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