Do You Have a Blah, Blah, Blah Vision or a DRIVING Vision?

Blah blah blah vision

Does your vision sound something like this? – Our vision is to provide aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best value for consumers.

Bad news. You have a blah, blah, blah vision. Do yourself and everyone on your team a favor – take it down.

You have two choices. You can decide you don’t need a vision and get on with your work.

Or… you can engage with your team in creating a DRIVING vision – one that lives in the hearts and minds of everyone and naturally drives behavior and decisions.

A DRIVING vision is a clearly-articulated, results-oriented picture of a future you intend to create. It is a dream with direction.

When it is shared, . . . → Read More: Do You Have a Blah, Blah, Blah Vision or a DRIVING Vision?

Guidelines to Create a Compelling Vision


A compelling vision helps you make choices about where to focus your energy. Without vision, you are in danger of trying to be all things to all people, scattered or adrift.

In our book, Full Steam Ahead! Unleash the Power of Vision, Ken Blanchard and I explain:

“Vision is knowing who you are, where you’re going, and what will guide the journey.”

Who you are is your purpose. Where you’re going is your picture of the future. What will guide your journey are your values.

Vision is about being great

A noble purpose is inspiring and helps you stay committed when times are hard.

A compelling vision is not about beating the competition or expressed simply in numbers. It’s about being the . . . → Read More: Guidelines to Create a Compelling Vision

4 Tips to Cultivate Resiliency Before You Need It

Guest post by Eileen McDargh If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that at some point this year, you will need to be resilient – whether pushed by pain or pulled by possibilities.

Resiliency has become an important life skill. So why wait until you’re in a stressful situation to develop resiliency?

Instead, become PREsilient ™ – develop the ability to be resilient before you are tested.

Here are four things you can do to cultivate resiliency and build the muscles you will need now:

1. Develop an attitude of intelligent optimism.

Nothing drains you mentally and physically more than negativity. Intelligent optimism is the practice of finding what is right in a situation instead of focusing on what is wrong. . . . → Read More: 4 Tips to Cultivate Resiliency Before You Need It

Six Things to Keep in Mind Before Goal Setting

Although January is typically the time of year when we turn to goal setting, too often, it is a waste of time. Let’s be honest. How many times have you achieved all of your yearly goals?

The problem is not with goals. Goals provide focus, create momentum and help us stay on track.

The problem is with the goal setting process itself – choosing the right goals and setting up the right support for them.

Before you set goals this year, keep these 6 things in mind:

1. Start with your current goals.

When goal setting, keep your previous goals in mind to create a sense of flow. Don’t just start over anew each year. For goals that have been accomplished, identify the next . . . → Read More: Six Things to Keep in Mind Before Goal Setting

2014 in Review - My Top 10 Blog Posts

Top 10 Posts 2014

I have come to look forward to my annual end of the year blog review. It’s an opportunity to take my own advice and reflect on the big picture before I jump into the new year. It always provides some insights and some surprises.

This was a banner year for my blog, averaging close to 50,000 views a month. I was included on many of the top leadership blogger lists, and in December I was included in Inc. Magazine’s 100 Top Leadership Speakers.

I’m delighted my blog is so widely viewed because I put a lot of effort into crafting my posts. I aim to provide original content that is relevant, practical, challenging, and include actionable advice. My goal for 2015 is to shorten my . . . → Read More: 2014 in Review – My Top 10 Blog Posts

How to Maximize Your Energy When You Don't Have a Lot

Many of us find our energy dissipates at this time of year when the days are short and the nights are long.

Instead of trying to muscle your way through it, here’s how to maximize the energy you do have.

Even when your energy is lower than usual, there will be periods in the day when it is higher than others. It’s important to identify these times so you can plan for them.

How to Maximize Your Higher Energy Times Protect the time of day when you have the most energy. Use this time for the priorities that require your greatest mental acuity. Don’t schedule meetings or non-essential tasks during this time. Stop multi-tasking. Studies have repeatedly shown that when you multi-task, you have . . . → Read More: How to Maximize Your Energy When You Don’t Have a Lot

Overworked and Overwhelmed? Try The Mindfulness Alternative

Scott Eblin, author Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative

I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Eblin, one of my favorite leadership experts, about mindfulness – the focus of his excellent new book Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative.

Mindfulness is getting a lot of attention these days. A number of Fortune 500 companies, including Google, AOL, Apple and Aetna, now offer mindfulness classes for employees. In a recent blog post, I discussed mindfulness in the workplace.

Delving deeper into this topic, Scott explains what mindfulness is, how the practice of mindfulness helps with the very real challenges we face today, and some simple and easy things you can do to begin practicing it right now.

This 15 minute podcast, the length of a TED talk, is packed with helpful information. . . . → Read More: Overworked and Overwhelmed? Try The Mindfulness Alternative

Why Your Company Values Might Not Matter

Company Values Blocked

Why are so few companies values-driven? Even when they start down that path, why do they wind up dead-ended?

A 2012 study shows “employees want their organizations to display honesty and integrity in business activities,” and “when leaders behave consistently with the core values, they earn employees’ trust and confidence.”

More so, it makes good business sense – research shows high-trust companies significantly outperform those that aren’t in the marketplace.

So why do so many companies fail in their effort? Here’s a true story and the 5 common errors they made that will derail any effort, including yours.

A True and Typical Story

This is a true story, but the name has been withheld to protect… well, frankly, me. It is an organization I am . . . → Read More: Why Your Company Values Might Not Matter

Strive for Greatness



The secret to greatness lies in the small actions we each take every day.

Although we won’t all be recognized by history, each of us is capable of achieving greatness through our everyday actions.

Most of the good in the world is built on the accumulated efforts of ordinary people doing small things in a great way.


7 Keys to Greatness

Be clear that your actions serve a higher purpose, and are not simply self-serving. Know what an excellent job looks like. Start with the end in mind. Make a full effort. Give it your full attention. Be willing to make mistakes; use them as learning opportunities. See it through to the end. Don’t settle for less than you are . . . → Read More: Strive For Greatness