The Dimensions of Trust
Self-disclosure, Leadership and Trust

True Leader CreedThe news these days is filled with disturbing accounts of bad leadership behavior. The current U.S. elections have been particularly contentious… with attacks on the personal instead of the issues… reinforcing fear instead of articulating a vision for the country.

This is not True Leadership. Leadership is about going somewhere. If you don’t have a vision, how do you know where you’re going?

The issue is not limited to politics. According to FastCompany, “Bad behavior was in good supply in 2015.” Take a look at their “shortlist of leaders who shirked responsibility, or simply showcased a stunning lack of ethics, empathy, and integrity” – The 10 Best and Worst Leaders of 2015 and their 2015 Unicorn Naughty List. The behaviors they describe include divisive language, harsh words, violent imagery, fear mongering, greed, deceit, denial of wrongdoing, price gouging, failing to treat workers fairly, misleading both the government and the public, and the list goes on.

Where are our leadership role models?

It’s easy to get a skewed view of leadership these days. But there are many leaders with admirable leadership qualities who are making a positive difference. They are leaders whose aim is to unite, not divide. Leaders who care about the well-being of their people. The fundamentals of True Leadership are alive and well.

But we have been too silent. It’s time to speak up and take a stand for True Leadership and to show our children that hatred and divisiveness are NOT qualities they should admire.

Aspen Baker, Eileen McDargh, and Charlotte Ashlock have create a way for us to do that – through the #TrueLeaderCreed, a reasonable and admirable set of leadership principles.

If you influence others, you are a leader, no matter what your title is. So please take a look at the list of leadership principles below. And if you resonate with them, I invite you to add your name to the growing list of people who are taking a stand for what we believe. CLICK HERE to add your name.

The True Leader Creed

This is what we pledge as leaders and 
what we expect from ALL leaders. We commit to be:

Honest: Known and respected for integrity and character.

Curious: Open to listening and seeing the world through others’ perspectives.

Knowledgeable: Seek to learn from a diverse field of experts from various disciplines and put that knowledge into action.

Courageous: Take on what is important, moral and ethical even if it’s not popular.

Self-aware: Reflect on our own mistakes and evolve our thinking, views, values and beliefs.

Considerate: Refuse to make derogatory comments about the appearance, race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, or nationality of a person or people we disagree with.

Assertive: Able to confront others and disagree without being disagreeable while holding each other accountable for resolution.

Forward-thinking: Look optimistically toward the bigger picture and the higher good for all.

Collaborative: Make diverse teams work by seeking input and commitment to common goals.

Click here to add your name to the growing list of those who are taking a stand for True Leadership.

The Dimensions of Trust
Self-disclosure, Leadership and Trust

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