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  • Thabo,

    I absolutely love the first sentence of your post:

    “Your life is one big interview!”

    I think this is a wonderful mindset to have. It will help make sure that you are consistently doing the little things that make a big difference.

    And I believe that people who do this are much more likely to be so impressive that they might get job offers from people who observe them without having to do a formal interview! As a mentor of mine once told me, “Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.”

    Another somewhat similar mindset that I think is good to have is to view yourself as CEO of a one-person company (i.e. John Smith is CEO of John Smith, Inc.). While I do think it’s important to take pride in being part of a team, these days most people are likely to end up working for several different companies over their career, so I believe this mentality can help you focus even more on always doing your best and constantly improving yourself.

  • Greg, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We are pretty much aligned as I do feel one should not underestimate the ripple effects of one’s actions. Even if you are not looking outside of your larger place of work, projects need people from different areas of the business and people will reach out to you based on how they experienced their last interaction with you. I like your idea of “Me Inc.” as that is very much supporting taking actions that serve you in the long run rather than short sighted reactions to “what comes up”

  • Hi Thabo – nicely put! Most situations we find ourselves in professionally are about making an impression – so interviews, in one way or another. Excellent points!

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