Create an Unbalancing Force If You Want To Move an Elephant

Create an Unbalancing Force if You Want to Move an Elephant

Chris is unhappy at work. He thinks the work is boring, and he doesn’t like his boss or co-workers.

Why doesn’t he quit?

The answer lies in Newton’s First Law: An object continues to do whatever it happens to be doing and resists change unless an unbalancing force is exerted upon it.

An Unbalancing Force is needed to overcome resistance to change. The amount of Chris’s unhappiness is not great enough to unbalance him. And no strong vision of an attractive alternative entices him to move.

An Unbalancing Force might occur if something big were to happen, such as if Chris were passed over for a promotion he had been expecting. Or he might quit one day if enough minor things built up until . . . → Read More: Create an Unbalancing Force If You Want To Move an Elephant

Create a Vision With Staying Power - Part 2

There are three elements of a compelling vision. In my last blog post, I discussed the first element – having a significant purpose. The second element of a compelling vision is a clear picture of the future.

There is tremendous power in holding a picture in your mind of what you intend to create.

I first became aware of the power of holding a picture of what you want to create after the 1976 Olympics. The Russians walked away with almost all of the gold medals, and people were wondering how they did it. We discovered that they were using a technique called “mental rehearsal” where they imagined practicing the race. I was very curious about this and . . . → Read More: Create a Vision With Staying Power – Part 2

A Big Goal Is Not The Same As a Vision

When you have a vision, you know where you want to go and you can see your next steps – but you won’t be able to see the entire path.

Vision is not about the path, it’s about the destination. As you take each step, the next step becomes clear as long as you stay focused on your vision.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. ..~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Goals are important.

Goals quantify and define the steps you must take. They are the signposts that let you know you are moving in the right direction. They are measurable and answer questions like When? and How much? (rather than Why? which is addressed by . . . → Read More: A Big Goal Is Not The Same As a Vision

Are You Taking Your Team to the Moon? What's Next?

The year was 1961. President Kennedy announced the United States would land a man on the moon and return him safely before the end of the decade. He painted an audacious picture, considering NASA had not yet invented the necessary technology. Ten years later, through focused energy, dedication and herculean effort, the team at NASA succeeded. If you had been born by then, chances are you remember exactly where you were on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong made history as the first person to walk on the moon.

The story of the Apollo Moon Project demonstrates the tremendous power released when people share a picture of what they intend to accomplish. They are able of overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and achieve spectacular results.

The . . . → Read More: Are You Taking Your Team to the Moon? What’s Next?

What Images Are You Shaping Our Future With?

On a daily basis we are bombarded with images of destruction in movies, on television and even in electronic games that children play. In contrast, there are so few images of what peace looks like. When I ask people to describe what world peace looks like, they use vague terms. However, they are able to give quite vivid descriptions of what a post-World War III would look like. We must actively seek out positive images or our sense of reality will be unbalanced. Nelson Mandela understood the power of creating a unifying positive image. Arrested in 1962 for his role in… . . . → Read More: What Images Are You Shaping Our Future With?

The Power of Picture: 7 Tips to Create Your Picture

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” ~ Walt Disney

These are not simply encouraging words. Disney knew that when you create a picture in your mind, tremendous power is released.

My first experience with the “power of picture” took place in a fifth grade classroom when I taught reading to children with learning disabilities. One day it occurred to me that the children had experienced so many years of failure, they probably couldn’t imagine themselves reading a book.

Every day we spent ten minutes in a relaxed guided meditation. We began imagining going into the library, finding a cozy spot and curling up with a great picture book. By the end of the year, they were imagining going into the library reading . . . → Read More: The Power of Picture: 7 Tips to Create Your Picture