Great Leaders Are Storytellers: How To Craft Great Stories
The Difference Between Mission Vision Purpose Strategy and Goals

Trust Feedback Loop   Leadership starts with you. If you want to build a strong team, the place to start is with a look in the mirror. Your vision for your team arises from your own character, motives and beliefs. How you regard yourself determines the grandeur and scope of your vision.

Successful leaders tap into a trust feedback loop that serves as a self-reinforcing source of strength, positive self-regard, and regard for others that increases your own and your team’s performance. The trust feedback loop is a positive feedback loop that diminishes your self-imposed limitations so that your vision for yourself and for your team expands geometrically.

The Five Drivers of the Trust Feedback Loop

Trust in Potential When you trust in your own potential, you are able to trust in the potential of others. You don’t have to try to control everything because you trust in your ability to deal with what arises – which allows you to let go of control…

Let Go of Control You understand it’s not possible to control every detail or prevent problems from occurring. You are willing stop hanging onto the illusion of control because you have a basic trust that others can and will rise to address the challenges. Instead of focusing on preventing problems, you are interested in learning more…

Seek Learning You are curious. Instead of being afraid of failure, you seek learning. You approach mistakes by asking “what can I learn?” not “who is to blame?” Instead of thinking you need to have answers, you ask questions – which expands your sense of possibilities…

Go For the Gold You are not content with the status quo. Because you have positive self-regard, you expect more of yourself and set challenging goals. You seek personal excellence. Others are willing to accept challenging goals because you expect no more of others than you do of yourself. Because you care deeply about your goals…

Take a Stand You know what you believe in and you are willing to take a stand for what matters most. And because you do that, others respect and trust you. And this increases trust in your own potential and the potential of others – which brings you full cycle back to trust in potential.  


Photo Credit: Jesse Lyn Stoner | Trust Feedback Loop

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Great Leaders Are Storytellers: How To Craft Great Stories
The Difference Between Mission Vision Purpose Strategy and Goals

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