The solstice reminds us it is time to pause, and do nothing.
2015 in Review - My Top 10 Blog Posts

I would be happy if . . .

… if only my boss wasn’t such a jerk.

… if only my co-workers were nicer.

… if only I could find someone to finance my big idea.

… if only I could buy that car (bike, boat, house).

… if only my kids lived closer.

… if only my friends were more supportive.

… if only my parents weren’t so difficult.

… if only I could find my soulmate.

If your happiness depends on others… or on events working out the way you want… you might be waiting a long time.

When you believe the path to happiness depends on others, you have no control.

10 simple things (that don’t depend on anyone or anything but yourself) that you can do anytime to experience happiness.
The only thing you need to do is to pay very close attention as you do it.

1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

2. Stretch or tighten a muscle and then relax.

3. Look around until you notice something pleasant – a color, a flower, a piece of jewelry someone is wearing – and let you attention stay on it for several seconds.

4. Think of someone you love.

5. Think of someone who is struggle and send a silent wish for them to be happy.

6. Think of something you are grateful for.

7. Think of something that is working out well right now.

8. Sing a song you like (out loud).

9. Smile.

10. Set an intention to be happy.

Happiness is not a constant state. It comes and goes. It flows. So if you start to feel a little sad after you have been feeling happy, don’t resist it. Allow the sadness to arise.

Don’t dwell on it.

Don’t act on it.

Just notice it.

If you allow sadness and other feelings to emerge, they will come and go as well, and it will create space for happiness to return.

What is something simple you can do to experience happiness right now?

A woman climbs a branch to look in a mirror and sees an apple


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In addition to my regular leadership blog, I offer “Thursday Thoughts” – simple truths that provide an opportunity for reflection and food for thought.

The solstice reminds us it is time to pause, and do nothing.
2015 in Review - My Top 10 Blog Posts

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