Visioning is an ongoing journey . . .
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A story is told about a young boy who was traveling with his grandmother to a nearby village. The boy, very excited about the adventure, ran back and forth along the path, impatient with his grandmother’s slowness. He snacked on the berries they had brought as he waited for her.

As dusk began to fall, they were still far from the village, and Grandmother said they must stop and make camp.

“But Grandmother,” the boy cried. “I am very hungry, and we have nothing to eat. I have eaten all the berries.”

“There is food in the woods,” replied Grandmother. “Go get us some.”

The boy was gone for a long time before he returned distraught, holding an empty branch. “I looked everywhere, and could find no berries. All the branches were empty. The animals of the forest must have eaten them all.”

“My son,” replied Grandmother. “If all you look for is berries, that is all you will ever find. Look again, and tell me what you see on that branch.”

The boy looked at the branch more closely and realized it was dripping with honey, for stuck at the tip of the branch was a huge piece of honeycomb.


Thursday Thoughts:  When you let go of your expectations, you open the door for the unexpected.


When you let go of your expectations

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In addition to my regular leadership blog, I offer “Thursday Thoughts” – simple truths for reflection and berries for thought.

Visioning is an ongoing journey . . .
Be a Leader People Choose to Follow

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