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How Middle Managers Provide Leadership Everyday

Let’s set aside the boring debate about managers vs. leaders for a moment and take a look at daily life for most managers in organizations. The reality is that middle managers provide real leadership all the time. Although some middle managers think their job is to...

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The Dog that Rarely Bites: A Leadership Lesson

Guest Post by Timothy R. Clark, author of Leading with Character and Competence: Moving Beyond Title, Position, and Authority   When a dog bites, word gets out. You stay away and keep away. There’s no discussion or negotiating with the dog; you simply avoid the...

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Dialogue Bridges the Divide

We had not discussed politics since the election, treading warily with each other, neither of us wanting to trigger an unpleasant scene. But tension was just under the surface and seeping out in other forms. Since the US presidential election, many people have...

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Trust Me, You’ll Be Fine! | by Chip Bell

Guest Post by Chip Bell I was scared... really scared. It was going to be a half-mile walk home alone in the pitch dark and I was seven years old. I was helping my grandfather with a project that ended up going until dark. I called my dad to come get me and he...

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The Gift of Humiliation

No one likes to feel humiliated. It hurts. And along with hurt usually comes anger. It’s a natural reaction. It’s your ego’s way of protecting itself. You might be angry with the person who caused your humiliation, or your might turn your anger inward toward yourself....

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