Coaching Tips for Managers - When the Bicycle Moment Occurs

The Bicycle Moment


My best boss was also my mentor. He coached me and supported my development, even though it meant I was likely to get promoted. He showed me it is possible for a manager to focus on results and develop their people at the same time.

When eventually I was offered a new position, I confided in him that I wasn’t sure I was ready. His response was,

“Remember – You know everything you need to know. You have everything you need to have. You are everything you need to be.”

This has become the mantra I repeat whenever I’ve taken a stretch assignment or felt unsure of myself.

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Be the Boss You'd Like to Have


The friendly gentleman sitting next to me on the airplane said:

“I like my boss because he is genuinely interested in me and what I’m doing. He doesn’t just ask generally how things are going, he says, ‘how’s the [specific] project going?’ I know he’s paying attention and cares. When I first started working for him, he told me ‘you are going to make mistakes. It’s not avoidable. The only thing I ask is when you make a big mistake, let me know early on so I can run interference and so we can learn from it.’ I have a lot of latitude to do my job the way I see fit.”

Lucky for him, I thought. That’s a great boss.

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