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  • Robin Oder

    Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

  • Great post, Irene.

    I believe in the possibility of the extraordinary when we are able learn from the past, live fully in the present, and courageously lead forward, to coin your phrase – aligning our talents, values, and vision toward collective goals that benefit us all. Like you, I believe in the power of collaboration and the notion that in giving and sharing – our time, our talents, our information, our hearts, and our most authentic selves – we all win. We win, not in spite of the challenges along the way, but in the way we learn to lead through the challenges, inevitable losses and heartaches of life, perhaps inspiring others to do the same by the example we set in our own lives.

    Thank you for sharing the wisdom of your experience, insights and leadership with us all. You are a blessing to this leadership community!


    • Hi Sharon: Thank you SO much for your comments, Sharon, and for your warm welcome!I was touched and honored by your words.

      The time to LEAD forward is now, and doing so is critical! Doing so demands courage and it also means that we have to change the way we look at problems, and learn new ways of moving forward towards our true potential.

      I wrote the article from my head and heart, because seeing fear, complacency or reactivity abound saddens me. Yes, we can lead forward and our ability to make the shift must be addressed and embraced.

      Here are two posts I think you will enjoy. One is my story Against All Odds http://bit.ly/NCjru4 and Lead Forward http://bit.ly/JjN7Vk

      Again, thank you for your comments. And, in the spirit of Community of Purpose and of leadership in action, it would be terrific to connect. My email is irene@justcoachit.com

      Best! Irene

  • This is also my battle cry, by empowering others we empower ourselves. In my faith our gifts are simply given to us to use to love others. Money matters, yes, its a tool, but more than that people matter. People were created for fellowship, for companionship, for community. Television, the internet, technology are all excellent tools for spreading whatever message the sender chooses…let us join together in sending for the message that each of us matter, our youngest and our young at heart. Our wounded, our weak, our strongest, our hearts and minds matter…
    @Sweetie Berry

    PS. I so want permission to repost this in several appropriate places!

    • Sweetie: Thank you so much! I could not agree more with yoru comments. And, I feel that we are at a critical juncture where rallying our courage and focusing on a message that unites us all in what is critical, must be a priority.

      Please contact me at irene@justcoachit.com to discuss reposts. Look forward to hearing from you very much.

      Again, sincerest thanks,
      Irene @justcoacht

  • Another excellent post Irene. I know that our minds can be trained. We actually program them to solve the questions we ask. Ask a bad question… you get a really good answer. Why does this always happen to me? Oh… this always happens to you? Okay… you got it!

    This concept goes far beyond positive thinking, but into the realm of thinking positively that there is nothing you can’t do, and that everything happens as it should. Life is the best coach there is.

    Lead forward is like leaning into it. Lean into life and keep it going where you want it to take you. When you see a fork in the road, pick it up. Keep moving.

    Thank you for the inspiration to get me going through my week!

  • Karlene: Thank you so much for your very kind comments and important reflections. Delighted that my post inspired you, and your comments also inspired me!

    YES! Gosh,you are SO right-leading forward is like leaning into it! Learning to deal with the forks in the road and see them with eyes that take us forward faster, better and happier is SO important; and of equal measure so is learning to look at problems with completely different eyes that make us relentlessly solution focused and empowered!

    YES, making the shift to leading forward in ways that perhaps at first seem counter-intuitive, and are largely so as our brains (no matter how positive we are) are automatically set to pick up negative clues and threats). Resetting the default pattern is in effect the coachable moment! And, the caveat is that every time we can consistently do so we are retraining our brain!

    Yes, we are now facing a new realm of there is nothing we cannot do, and while it is reflected in incredible technological and scientic discoveries that would have been considered science fiction even a couple of years ago; the imperative to embrace new ways and learn new skills that can help us LEAD forward is real and it is critical!

    And, lastly, Karlene, thank you again for your comments and sage reflections. So appreciated.

    Very best, Irene

  • Courage! That about sums up what is needed to move forward. You have added a third dimension here Irene, as I have never defined the Spiritual Q, emotional and intelligence are the obvious ones we speak to. I love your call to action as it scares me enough, telling me it is why I need to dig deep for the courage to get on with it. Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Thabo: Thanks for your comments. Your are right, courage is what is needed now more than ever before. The third dimension SQ or spiritual quotient is to me the glue that holds our individual and collective spirit, courage and potential together. It is the conduit for our greatest intellectual and emotional triumph, it is the values alignment that drives and sustains all.

      I think that there is not only courage but leadership in recognizing what creates fear and using this feeling to shift by using the SQ, that noble voice, those heartfelt values that when expressed take us forward faster and better than before.

      Our ability to really live, lead and succeed to purpose starts with an awareness of the noblest of values that truly connect us individually and collecatively. Building our courage and strength from inside out sounds mystical perhaps, but it is very practical, purposeful…and, when properly guided can be used to really enhance the two other Qs-intellectual and emotional.

      The time to dig deep to reap the rewards of our true potential is NOW!

      Thank you again for your comment, Thabo!

      Best, Irene

  • John Edwards

    Very insightful post Irene. As you have touched on the “Q Skills” (IQ), (EQ) & (SQ) my feeling is that SQ is the difference maker. Spirituality goes a long way although it’s the hardest to accept as most people find it easier to address their own needs istead of the needs of others. If we would only take time to Read, Study and Share Biblical insight, we would resolve much of the destructive issues we face today. True leadership is found in the “Good News” shared by believers, people find it hard to face the truth when it means giving up the things we desire (Philippians 2: 1-4).

    • I once memorized the book of Philippians. What I go to every single day of my life though is Philippians 4:8 whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

      You have to go in search of these things and find the joy in every day. None of these will come find you.

  • If we simply pay attention to what makes news headlines we can easily get trapped into a feeling of doom and gloom and the world going to hell in a hand basket.

    However, if we chose to focus elsewhere we can see many examples of courage, selflessness and heroic deeds and actions that motivate,sustain us and move us to a higher level. The only place we have control over is ourselves, becoming better people than we were yesterday and in turn providing those we have influence over with a better example, a truer path to follow.

    I also believe that this is a critical time for people of courage to step forward and do what is right, rather what is convenient or easy at the moment.

    What we need is more powerful calls of action like Jesse Lyn Stoner’s on a regular basis to keep us focused on what is possible and what we need to do to move us towards having the courage, conviction and doing the work that needs to be done to build better lives, communities and a better world.

    Thanks for sharing this powerful article Irene!

    • Jesse Lyn Stoner Jesse Lyn Stoner

      Well-said! “This is a critical time for people of courage to step forward and do what is right, rather than what is convenient or easy at the moment.” Thanks for your insightful comments, Harvey. I’m delighted to host Irene Becker’s guest post. So glad you appreciated it.

  • There are so many excellent points made in this article, it would be futile to try to comment on how many of them I agree with. The content is very broad. This statement though answered a question for me. I had no idea why negativity is so natural for many people. “Our brains are automatically set to be attracted to the negative, a vestige of days when survival meant being on the lookout for predators at every turn.” I don’t tend to be negative and I know it’s because I was born positive. I think I understand better now.

  • Japhet Simon

    ….well from the first day I read your life story back in 2012 to now, your writings have resonated with me and encouraged me to take a bold step to make a move from United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia where I now work for the past 2.5 years.

    you are truly gifted when it comes to reading the state of the world, our selfish attitude as human beings and our never ending egotistic control and destruction of human nature and the environment around us all. your thoughts really catches where we should all put our efforts to help the world be a better place for all. the world needs a rest, it needs a step back to re-think our impact on it and our needs to take and possess so much that we cannot even articulate ourselves. we fight for a purpose that are clearly selfish, we find and kill at will but cannot create that life, we take out of the earth what we don’t need but just pleases our eyes, we pour milk down drains while there are people who long for a sip, we store food in silos so we can keep the strong stronger, while the week starve to death. we treat family members, friends, work colleagues and strangers with hash words to protect what we think is our own. the world needs a rest my dear, and thank you for time you spent on this little junction, which I think you are still on the right path…..I am sure there are better still yet to come from you.

    Live, Grow & Prosper

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