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1001 Mid-Course Corrections

I once heard that in order to reach the moon, NASA made over a thousand mid-course corrections.   At first I was surprised. If you know where you’re going, why not just plot the course, like they do on Star Trek? But then I realized it's a perfect metaphor for a trap...

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Four Strategies to Make Your Vision a Reality

Guest post by Todd Nielsen Vision, strategy, and goals are important …but they are not enough. One of the greatest challenges in business—and frankly, one of the greatest challenges in life—is doing the things necessary to make one’s vision a reality. To ensure the...

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Collaborate or Do It Alone? 3 Guidelines to Decide

“I think collaboration can be a good idea and I probably should involve others more in decision-making. But it really slows things down. I can’t involve people in every little detail or we’ll never get anything done around here,” Jim remarked, waiting for my response....

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