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The Five Steps of CRISP Decision-Making

Chris, the leader of the planning committee for the next District Managers Meeting, sent an email to the company’s leadership team describing two possible venues. Emails flew around as people weighed in.  Someone wrote that it looked like the decision was in favor of...

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Rising to the Challenge Before Us – LEADING FORWARD

I am honored that Irene Becker has allowed me to share her powerful guest post. There is an important message here - a vision of what can be, a sobering description of our challenges, and a Call to Action. Although this is a longer post, I urge you to take the time to...

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Judgment Calls

I understand the desire to study great leaders. It is my own habit as well. I gobble up biographies of Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Jr., Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and currently Steve Jobs. But I read because I am...

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1001 Mid-Course Corrections

I once heard that in order to reach the moon, NASA made over a thousand mid-course corrections.   At first I was surprised. If you know where you’re going, why not just plot the course, like they do on Star Trek? But then I realized it's a perfect metaphor for a trap...

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