Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Each Moment
Ten Good Reasons Not To Delegate

6 Tips to Set Goals That Will Get You Where You Want to Go.
Vision is your destination. Goals are the milestones that mark your journey. They quantify and define the steps you take along the way as you go for the gold medal.

Where your vision is broad and big, goals are tangible and specific. They answer questions like “when?’ and “how?” and “how much?”  SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

How do you set the right goals and make them work?  Here are 6 tips.

1. Keep your vision in mind when setting goals.

Always view your goals in the context of your vision.

  • Look for high-leverage goals – those that will allow you to leapfrog forward.
  • Also consider goals that will have a long-term payoff, even at a short-term price. For example, you might choose some inexperienced high potential players for your team, with a plan to help them gain the skills & experience.
  • And look for some that will give you quick wins, to help see progress and stay motivated.

2. Be willing to reset your goals.

Don’t get so focused on your goals that you forget about the vision. Change is inevitable. Stay focused on your vision, and as in sailing, “tack” to your destination. Change your course depending on the winds and other conditions.

3. Revisit your vision frequently.

Sometimes we can drift off course without realizing it. To avoid waking up one day wondering how you got so far off course, keep it alive by talking about constantly and integrating discussions into your daily life. Use your goals as an early warning system to detect when you are off course.

4. Set up systems, processes and practices that support your goals.

On a personal level – what structures and routines do you need to set up to develop the habits that will support your vision? – regular exercise time?

For a team, look at your formal and informal ways of working together. Consider processes for communication, accountability, training and rewards. For example, if teamwork is one of your goals– are there rewards for team performance or is the focus on individual contributions? Systems that are not aligned with your vision and goals will derail you.

5. Set goals for relationships as well as tasks.

The journey is as important as the destination. Are your actions consistent with your values and where you want to go? Make sure you have a good feedback system in order to know.

6. Start now!

Vision is about COURAGE.  Goals are about TAKING ACTION.

As soon as you identify your vision, start to live it.  You can’t create a vision for a healthy life and continue a diet of junk food. As a leader, not only must you say what’s important, you need to demonstrate it – consistently. People watch what you do more closely than what you say.

Taking action means not waiting for all the details to be worked out. When you are clear about where you’re going, and have set goals for the next steps, the entire path does not be clear. As long as you keep your vision in mind, the next steps will become clear as you accomplish your goals.


Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Each Moment
Ten Good Reasons Not To Delegate

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