Fear of Learning

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Guest post by Chip Bell

Fear is as personal as a fingerprint. I have a daredevil friend whose idea of a fun Saturday afternoon is to ski off the top of a steep mountain after being transported to the peak by a helicopter. The thought of that makes me break out in a cold sweat, and I am a former paratrooper!

What frightens one person is another person’s playground. And, this is especially true in mentoring.

Peter Senge wrote in his groundbreaking book, The Fifth Discipline, “When we see that to learn we must be willing to look foolish, to let another teach us, learning doesn’t always look so good anymore…Only with the support and fellowship of another can . . . → Read More: Fear of Learning

Coaching Tips for Managers - When the Bicycle Moment Occurs

The Bicycle Moment


My best boss was also my mentor. He coached me and supported my development, even though it meant I was likely to get promoted. He showed me it is possible for a manager to focus on results and develop their people at the same time.

When eventually I was offered a new position, I confided in him that I wasn’t sure I was ready. His response was,

“Remember – You know everything you need to know. You have everything you need to have. You are everything you need to be.”

This has become the mantra I repeat whenever I’ve taken a stretch assignment or felt unsure of myself.

In my own role as a leader, I share his attitude about development. A lot . . . → Read More: Coaching Tips for Managers – When the Bicycle Moment Occurs