Leadership Drift – How to Recognize It And What to Do About It

Leadership Drift

Are you on track with where you want to go? You might have heard about team drift, but what about you as a leader? Is it possible you’ve drifted without realizing it?

Why Leadership Drift Occurs

A huge external shift

Sometimes we are thrown off track because of a sudden change in our world such as an earthquake, hurricane or an illness.

Anthony had just started his own business when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Realizing he needed to be able to devote more attention to take care of his wife and children during this period, he put his new business on hold and returned to his previous corporate job. Years later, long after his wife had regained full health, he was still . . . → Read More: Leadership Drift – How to Recognize It And What You Can Do About It


Boiled Frogs and Dreams


Did you ever wake up, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “How did I get off-track?”

My client Sam, head of buying for a large retail company, recently confided to me, “I’m working way too hard and spending too much time doing things I don’t enjoy. When I first started out, buying was a lot of fun. You’d think that now, after all these promotions and recognition, as a senior leader, I’d feel pretty satisfied. The truth is, what I’m doing now, doesn’t line up with how I want to be living my life. And frankly I don’t know how I got here.”

Sam deserves a lot of credit for admitting this. It takes courage to consider the relationship between your hopes and dreams . . . → Read More: Boiled Frogs and Dreams