What Business Are You Really In? Grace Hearth Knows

Grace Hearth

Is it possible to earn a living, have fun and make a difference in the world? Jocelyn Jackson and Keri Keifer have figured out how.

Their business Grace Hearth might be considered a catering company – they cater all sizes of events, from weddings and meetings to small social gatherings.

But the first time I saw their video, I quickly realized they were in the same business I am – building community – only through food instead of facilitating dialogue.

Grace Hearth provides food for all types of occasions, but as Jocelyn and Keri explain in their video, they are actually in the “nourishing business.”

I was so excited after watching this video, I had to interview the owners to learn more about . . . → Read More: What Business Are You Really In? Grace Hearth Knows

How To Write a Mission Statement in 5 Steps

How to write a mission statement

A mission statement is a brief statement that explains your reason for existence – what you want to accomplish. It describes the end result; not how you will achieve it. It answers the question “why?” Your strategies and goals will answer the question “how?”

Step 1: Determine why you want to write a mission statement. Circle the answer below:

You think you’re supposed to have one. You want to use it for marketing to attract customers. You want to use it to guide how you treat employees and customers. You want to use it to provide focus for daily activities and to communicate to employees and customers what your business is.

Step 2: This next step corresponds with your selection in Step 1.

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Create a Vision With Staying Power

An Effective Vision Does More Than Simply Show Where You’re Going    

“Vision” is one of the most commonly used and most widely misunderstood terms. There’s a tremendous amount of power in a vision. But unfortunately when the term is not used or understood correctly, we lose out on the opportunity to access the power.

Consider the Apollo Moon Project. It was amazing. They overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles. When President Kennedy articulated the vision to put a man on the moon by 1969, the technology to accomplish it had not even been invented. An exciting decade of focused, Herculean efforts ended in 1969 when two men walked on the moon and returned safely home. It was amazing! …and then it was . . . → Read More: Create a Vision With Staying Power

Leadership Drift – How to Recognize It And What to Do About It

Leadership Drift

Are you on track with where you want to go? You might have heard about team drift, but what about you as a leader? Is it possible you’ve drifted without realizing it?

Why Leadership Drift Occurs

A huge external shift

Sometimes we are thrown off track because of a sudden change in our world such as an earthquake, hurricane or an illness.

Anthony had just started his own business when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Realizing he needed to be able to devote more attention to take care of his wife and children during this period, he put his new business on hold and returned to his previous corporate job. Years later, long after his wife had regained full health, he was still . . . → Read More: Leadership Drift – How to Recognize It And What You Can Do About It

Goal Setting for Goallessness

My friend Susan wrote, “Although I am ashamed to admit it….I don’t think I have any goals right now. At least there are none that have crystallized for me. I am a goal-setter, always have been, and have achieved almost all that I have set….

What I am trying to do is feel comfortable being in the moment of my life, my career, my health…I know all too well that none of those important ‘issues’ are unchanging. Tomorrow I may lose my job, my health or even my life. I am unsure of my role in my current job, but at the moment I am enjoying it. So…is it a problem to feel goal-less in my life and career? Am I being less productive than . . . → Read More: Goal Setting for Goallessness

No More Boring Meetings, Please!

I spent my 50th birthday at the most boring meeting of my life. At one point I had to pinch myself under the table to keep from falling asleep. I’ve attended a lot of meetings that are a waste of time – it’s part of my job. (I help teams improve their performance and often observe to understand their issues before I intervene). However, I must say this was the most boring meeting of my career.

I was observing a four-hour team meeting of the company’s president and his eight direct reports. Sitting around a table, one at a time each person reported what was happening in his or her area. The president asked questions. The others listened until it was their turn. There was . . . → Read More: No More Boring Meetings, Please!

The Key to Visions That Work

Vision Statement Key






What makes a vision work? Why do some visions galvanize people toward great achievement while others cause your eyes to glaze over?

What all great visions have in common is they provide an answer to these three questions:

1) Destination: Where are we going?

2) Purpose: Why do we exist? What greater good do we serve?

3) Values: What principles guide our decisions and actions on our journey?

When a vision address all three of these questions, a tremendous amount of energy is unleashed. There is a higher level of commitment because employees are able to see the relationship between the direction of their company and what they personally believe in and care deeply . . . → Read More: The Key to Visions That Work

When You're Thrown Off Course...

In 1975, Terry Fox, was awarded Athlete of the Year his senior year in his British Columbia, Canada high school. A few months after graduation, he discovered he had a malignant tumor. His leg was amputated four days later.

The night before his operation, he read a magazine article about an amputee who ran in the New York marathon. That night, Terry dreamed about running across Canada.

During his follow-up treatment, Terry saw suffering as he’d never seen it before. He later wrote these words in a letter to the Canadian Cancer Society requesting their support:

As I went through the sixteen months of the physically and emotionally draining ordeal of chemotherapy, I was rudely awakened by the feelings that surrounded and coursed through the . . . → Read More: When You’re Thrown Off Course…

Are You Taking Your Team to the Moon? What's Next?

The year was 1961. President Kennedy announced the United States would land a man on the moon and return him safely before the end of the decade. He painted an audacious picture, considering NASA had not yet invented the necessary technology. Ten years later, through focused energy, dedication and herculean effort, the team at NASA succeeded. If you had been born by then, chances are you remember exactly where you were on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong made history as the first person to walk on the moon.

The story of the Apollo Moon Project demonstrates the tremendous power released when people share a picture of what they intend to accomplish. They are able of overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and achieve spectacular results.

The . . . → Read More: Are You Taking Your Team to the Moon? What’s Next?