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How to Easily Evaluate the Quality of Research

A lot of numbers are thrown at us everyday by people who want to convince us to agree with them. A good study adds credibility to the point being made. But not all studies are credible. In The Price of Freedom is Personal Responsibility, I shared tips and tools to...

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Criticism, Boundaries and Useful Feedback

Larry was clearly angry. Carl had used his tools (again) without asking, and even worse, hadn’t returned them (again). Larry told me he had given Carl some “tough feedback.” He told Carl that he was self-centered and insensitive, and in the future he...

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Growth occurs at the edge of your comfort zone

Thursday Thoughts: Too much time in the safety of your comfort zone leads to stagnation. Too much time outside your comfort zone is anxiety-producing. If you want to grow, dance along the edge of your comfort zone. Take a step over every once in awhile, and then come...

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