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Successful Leaders Listen

Successful leaders listen because they know that they don’t know everything they need to know. Who do you listen to? Abraham Lincoln understood that if you surround yourself with people who agree with you, you will miss out on important information and perspective....

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How to Feel Gratitude in Stressful Times

Even in the best of circumstances, the holiday season can be stressful at times. And this year, many people are having a particularly tough time. However, it’s possible to feel joy and gratitude in the midst of worry, sadness, and even anger. Human beings are...

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How to Talk about Politics at Work

The recent US elections might have been the most contentious ever. And strong feelings continue to abound. Even though the elections are over, many people are deeply worried about what will happen next. Each side was very concerned about what would happen if their...

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Wise Quotes from Great US Political Leaders

What guidance can we turn to now that the US elections are over? Can a deeply divided nation find common ground to move forward as united states? In his Huffington Post article, Alan Briskin suggests the possibility that we have “reached a nadir, a low point in our...

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