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The True Test of a Vision

The true test of a vision is whether it continues to inspire and guide people after the leader is gone. Consider the seamless transition at Southwest Airlines when founder Herb Kelleher stepped down compared with Disney’s two decades of floundering after the... read more

Mindfulness and Vision are Complementary

As mindfulness comes more and more into the mainstream and business world, I am often asked where vision fits. Since mindfulness is about being fully present with the experience of each moment and vision is about a future you desire, how can you do both at the same... read more

“Forgive and Live” to Increase Personal Mastery

I recently sent a tweet, “When you forgive, the person who benefits most is yourself.” Someone replied, “I”ll never forgive because what they did was unforgiveable.” I understand that feeling because I’ve experienced it myself. When you’ve been betrayed by someone you... read more

Is Vision Relevant in 2016?

In 2011, I asked What Happened to Vision? It generated a fascinating, thought-provoking conversation. When presenting my question, I had noted: Studies of high performing organizations show over and over again that shared vision is one of the key differentiators. As... read more

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