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Three Blogging Essentials

After five years of writing my weekly leadership blog, I have taken some time to reflect on what has contributed to its success. These are my major lessons learned on how to establish a blog that people want to read. Three Blogging Essentials 1. Content, content,... read more

How to Write a Blog People Want to Read

This is the 5th anniversary of my blog! With over a half million views last year and near the top of almost every list of best leadership blogs, it has been successful beyond anything I had imagined. And so, I’ve decided to pass along some of the lessons I’ve... read more

The 4 Decision Styles: When to Involve Others in Decisions

You face countless decisions each day and must determine which to make on your own and when to involve others. This is true no matter what your role or level, whether you are CEO, a project leader, or a team member. How do you know when to involve others in decisions?... read more

Caught in Team Drift? Consider Honorable Closure

Has your team’s performance fallen off lately? Was it once exciting to be part of the team, and lately you find you’re not having fun? Perhaps your team has succumbed to team drift. In my Harvard Business Review article, “Diagnose and Cure Team Drift,” I explain how... read more

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