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Don’t just set SMART goals, set the RIGHT goals

Goal setting is powerful. No doubt about it. Research shows you are likely to perform at a higher level if you set SMART goals. But how do you know what are the right goals to set? Goals are milestones that mark the way on your journey. If you set the wrong goals, you...

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Top 10 Posts of 2016 by @JesseLynStoner

This was another banner year for my blog. Highlights included receiving the Conant Leadership Champion Award, being near the top of almost every list of top leadership bloggers, and celebrating my 5th anniversary. (I'm not a newbie anymore!) Mostly I am in awe of the...

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Do an Ethics Check to Navigate the Gray Zone

It’s easy to know what’s ethical when your choices are clear-cut. If you hit a parked car, should you leave your contact information for the owner? Should you use insider information to make a stock market trade? Should you lie on your expense report? But there’s a...

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