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Four Decision-Making Styles and When to Use Them

  Sometimes leaders make bad decisions or harm team morale by making autocratic decisions without involving others. And other times they waste their team's time by unnecessarily involving them. How do you know when and how much to involve your team in decisions?...

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How the Benefits of Team Vision Can Revitalize Your Team

Has team performance been less than spectacular lately? Has team energy been waning? It might be time to rekindle your team vision. Sometimes teams assume that their vision will continue to guide them, and they can get caught in team drift without realizing it. Taking...

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Vision is about being great…

  Thursday Thoughts You can't win a race by looking sideways. You are likely to stumble or get off track. You need to keep your eyes focused on your destination. If your vision is about beating the competition, what happens once you beat them? Where do you go...

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